ditioning so mantra always says. I am going to experience the energy of the deity of the mantra the one I am praying to I would like to express my devotion towards that an object from the perspective of mantra yoga is to invoke that energy that surrounds me in that particular frequency that band of frequencies was yantra one particular frequency sonic energy is the mantra now tantra said that I must become one with the divine that when I am chanting a mantra. I am chanting which means there is a third entity there is the mantra of somebody.

I’m chanting there is me who is chanting and then there is the actual mantra tantra says why to have this gap why not I do something that. I merge with that deity or I actually start to feel like the deity hence the concept of Nyasa in the mantra is a tantric concept that. I am going to place all the various letters of the mantra or the Marianas or you have varnanyas Russia Dunyan a different kind of nasal the lineage. i’ll invoke in my body around me I’ll invoke the whole alphabet which was not just the alphabet as I’ve written this was produced from lord shivas’ that blowing off the Amaru the playing of the damaru now tantra says I don’t want to keep any gaps in between I want to become who.

Definition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra Secrets
Definition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra Secrets

i am praying to so in all react in all honesty there is actually no clear demarcation between this is. where mantra starts or ends this is where tantra begins it’s just they are too used in conjunction not all mantra practices will have an element of tantra but almost all tantric practices will have some element of a mantra not all though but 90 of your tantric practices will have some

form of mantra in it 90 percent of your tantric practices will have some deity very much like mantra yoga and a yantra is almost always of a particular deity, it cannot exist on its own if it exists on its own without anything it is a simple drawing that has no real meaning but when you put things in context that’s where you start to see the value in it I hope I answered your questions is there any sadhana where we could put our bad

karma behind us now karma obviously has two meanings one is the destiny which is usually how when we say this is karma that means I brought it upon myself I did something and now it’s destiny that I’ve met it and karma is also a verb that I am doing something an action when we say it’s bad karma that that means I’m suffering on account of something I did in the past knowingly or unknowingly that it’s beside the point the thing is there are many methods to heal yourself of your bad karma if it’s raining out there maybe you can’t stop the rain in fact, you cannot stop the rain but you can bring an umbrella you can put on a raincoat you can stay indoors you can hop in a car there are many methods available to you you could snatch somebody else’s umbrella and things like that so while what we have done somewhere at some point in time,

we have to face the consequences of our actions and choices somewhere we have to own up to what we did but we can build our mindfulness to such a degree our patience level that it would appear pretty much insignificant in the grand scheme of things that it won’t hurt you as much and you can fill yourself with kindness self-kindness and kindness towards others that compassion is going to do miracles to your life and you can also do repentance as for

the scriptures some of that I’ve covered in the ancient science of mantra’s book other than that I would say what is done it’s done I mean I I would like to say don’t worry too much about it but i think it’s not in most people’s control because those actions or those thoughts those emotions those flashes In the past, they keep hunting an individual there are people who for example sometimes they’ve done something bad nobody has seen it nobody knows it and yet they are unable to keep that burden on their consciousness  and they would make a confession people who break down when they do a crime when they do something

illegal they break down and say they admit that yes yes that’s what I did it’s because their own conscience would not let them live and of course then some people would keep on doing the same thing if you keep doing the wrong thing it becomes normal you get desensitized towards that so one easy way to rise above what’s in the past is to focus on the present and to understand and remember that everybody makes mistakes that you are not alone in this journey and then it’s okay to mess up sometimes it’s okay to make mistakes doesn’t make you a lesser mortal it doesn’t make you a lesser human being in any way that’s what people do people make mistakes and good people realize they’ve made a mistake and apologize and fix it and move on there is no need to punish yourself or keep punishing yourself for things you did in the past it’s done if you hurt somebody and you’d like to fix that if you know that

a person has the courage to speak to that person to say look I’m sorry but if that person is no longer there in your life or for any reason you cannot speak to that person then do the best you can just be kind to other people then don’t hurt other people and usually when two people when somebody doesn’t apologize even after they’ve realized their mistake usually, it’s only and only because of their own ego they say look uh I don’t want to appear any less somehow we have this wrong conception we have this misconception about how and to whom we should say sorry and

actually mean it just because of individual ego sometimes people go through their whole lives they’ll walk through decades and decades of their life without patching up ever only and only because of ego so if you feel that there is some karma you just cannot undo but there is somewhere you can at least do some form of repentance and if it involves another person have the courage to say look I made a mistake I’ve realized it I’m not expecting you to forgive me I’m not expecting that you would suddenly say look all is forgotten and uh let’s be friends again or

whatever but I just wanted to tell you that I didn’t mean to do those things or if I did mean to do those things at that time that’s because I did not know any better that’s going to empty you from within and that is the beginning of true healing you have to fill yourself with loving thoughts with kind thoughts with compassion with empathy with positivity with something creative and then these things will appear pretty much irrelevant immaterial as you make progress on the spiritual path as well as in all other endeavors in your own life

that’s my answer

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