Definition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra SecretsDefinition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra Secrets

Definition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra Secrets


Definition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra Secretsmy knowledge so his question is what is the difference between tantra and mantra the original meaning of the word tantra is apparatus it’s a set of things that’s the dictionary meaning of the word Sandra.  so there were three integral parts of rituals or paths or aids to awakening one was tantra the second was the mantra the third was tantra was a visual representation of the energy field. you were trying to you would be trying to invoke or the energy field you would step into the mantra was the sonic energy of that visual representation and tantra was the method through which you would attain that and almost inferior always it would involve some kind of either herb or some kind of um other physical objects to make it happen and in Ayurveda and in other texts, for example, tantra was also used to for example in Ramayana the sign is I won’t use our transmutation but something like that where you would take one particular mineral or metal and you would transform it would undergo a certain process and it would turn into

Definition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra Secrets
Definition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra Secrets

something entirely different call it transformation or transmutation so this apparatus that was used was called tantra now this also represents tan which is body things you do with your body represent san tantra things you do with your mind is the mantra and here is this and here is also wisdom that’s actually a girl but in some of the texts in some of the medieval texts year is used to mean wisdom and year was also the word year the letter year also meant opulence and hence the word yaks yashmaks who were very who lived very you know lavishly.


now tantra that was the original intent of tantra

and then eventually they realized that tantra could be used to break social con

By Rodhar nath

My name is Rudra Nath, I am a Nath Yogi, I have done deep research on Tantra. I have learned this knowledge by living near saints and experienced people. None of my knowledge is bookish, I have learned it by experiencing myself. I have benefited from that knowledge in my life, I want this knowledge to reach the masses.

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