Is Tantra a Rapid Path to Self-Realization

Is Tantra a Rapid Path to Self-Realization
Is Tantra a Rapid Path to Self-Realization

Is Tantra a Rapid Path to Self-Realization her question is tantra really a rapid pass to self-realization and if it is why shouldn’t uh one follow it to understand this we first have to agree on the definition of self-realization is a state where you see you experience that oneness with the whole creation you don’t have any feelings of hatred for anything or anybody all you have is boundless freedom and love flowing through you when people wear okra robes it’s usually with the belief that now we are free because this is the color of fire this is the path of freedom that

i am no longer be tied to the worldly relationships or the worldly way of doing things the conventional way of doing things if i may use that term but the opposite happens you get increasingly clamped down by the society and their expectations from you if you are going somewhere they expect you to be a certain way otherwise in their eyes you are not a true sannyasi you have to be a certain way you cannot drink vodka swami you please don’t do it it’s just not possible so there were people who realized that this whole thing about social norms is nothing but a big farce it’s just a big joke what does it even mean we have these rules in the society but the society needs such rules to

to move forward to have some_ kind of framework we have a rule here we’ll serve lunch at let’s say midday and serve dinner at 7 30 and serve breakfast at 8 o’clock there are rules you cannot bring your footwear in the dining hall or in the temple these rules are there to somehow manage the crowd so tantra says what if I really went the other way what if I had the courage to [Music] break every rule that the society that society has given me what would be my life then why have they forbidden that you can’t drink alcohol why have they forbidden that cremation grounds are forbidden places why have they said that cremation grounds are forbidden places why do they say that sex will really weaken your consciousness and soul


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why do they say that get up early in the morning and go to bed early at night what if i did the reverse what if i had alcohol what if i engaged in a sexual activity would that mean i’m a lesser human being or would that mean I’ve lost my claim to entire to enlightenment so tantra says okay let’s begin with all that the world says is wrong it takes courage it’s not easy and usually it’s an in order of progression even when you initiate somebody into tantra it’s not you’ll say look here’s a bottle of scotch take this and here’s a coupon go to this whatever place and buy some meat and why don’t you go and party hard that’s not tantra that’s anything but tantra so good sadka in the beginning we’ll start with dashing with the purest form and then if the guru is a tantric guru he or she will observe what are the hurdles on the path maybe your hurdle is not lust maybe it is anger maybe it is ego how do we break it if you stand in front of an ocean it’s equally liberating if you are able to stand at a high point where you see look down at an ocean you will see how tiny a human being is and how insignificant our existence in the grand scheme of things just constant those waves coming at you and you’re looking at that ocean so tantra doesn’t mean that

Is Tantra a Rapid Path to Self-Realization

we’ll do everything the wrong tantra says let me break the conventions and find out why what i think is bad is bad maybe it isn’t maybe I’m going to maybe have to walk through the mud maybe. I have to get my hands dirty before. I can find the treasure so that’s why it’s a rapid pass because our conditioning is so strong we are so sure of what’s good and what’s bad what’s right and what’s wrong what’s moral and immoral that we think. we know how to get to god we know .how to realize our truth nobody has to tell us anybody who gives us a method must operate in this framework that means this person has also realized the truth so tantra says look you have urges you have desires why are you suppressing them .why what is the need tantra questions why don’t you walk through your desires as opposed to run away from them the person who shuns a desire or the person who runs away from that desire

there is no difference if somebody says. I don’t drink alcohol but deep down they really want to drink it and every time they see it being served they question maybe.I can pour a little in my coke and have a sip nobody would see or maybe in a glass or steel or something or the person who sees oh this is not for me and this just goes away they’re identical there is no merit Krishna says if you are going to keep desiring something but from the outside, you are going to shun it you are going to deprive your body of certain pleasure but deep inside you want it it’s much better to have it what’s the problem what is the issue you are not having it because people don’t endorse it so tantra says.I don’t care about people they were the first rebellions in our spiritual history and that’s why like yesterday as well

i was talking about that kamurias would do that yatra that pilgrimage in the month of shavian that’s also because they went against the norm upasaka’s worshippers of Shiva went against the norm we are not going to put gold on Shiva they said we are just going to offer even bang that what is it called yeah in English i was one not i think there is another term for it but you get the idea we’ll offer this we’ll we’ll keep it super simple it’s the most shunned flower but we’ll offer that we’re not going to offer him fragrant lotuses we’re not going to put a big uh a crown on on him studied with diamonds we are not going to do the big normal arti we’ll we’ll smear him with uh ash from the cremation grounds so they went against the norm and it had a telling and a profound impact in this on our society because these guys could now live in peace believe me it’s it’s a huge accomplishment would bother them everybody would tell their children stay away from these guys they will take you away with them but they were carefree they said look you have a problem you can wear clothes we don’t have a problem we’re not going to wear any they stopped wearing clothes that became the naga sect when miller arias’ the Tibetan monk his sister found out that his brother was meditating in a cave

it is said that he meditated to such intensity and in such austere circumstances that for a very long period spanning several years all he did was drink nettle soup a soup from a weed that would just grow there it was green and a green tinge had appeared on his skin from just drinking that so he had no clothes on his body so his sister went with a friend of hers and she said to Mila repair that what are you doing brother is this the way to enlightenment is this the way to realization look at such and such monk he wears beautiful clothes he puts on nice fragrance he delivers his lectures this is what’s written in his biography and and everybody loves him he he sits in nice places he mingles with the best of the best the who’s who and here you are sitting in a cave in such in such an emaciated condition that is this the way to enlightenment and you’re not even wearing any clothes he said this is the way to enlightenment for me and IM only doing what my guru Mara had ordered me and I’m helping the world from my penance by sitting here so she could not convince him to come down to come out of his cave and step into the world but she was a sister and she saw that how he was living in such extreme conditions so she went back and she knit something from a woolen something and she sent it for him a jumper so miliaria cut it and he made little caps for his fingers and he covered different parts of his body when his sister went again to see him she said i made it with so much love what have you done you’ve just practically tore this thing apart what is this message

I gave it to you so you could cover your body and here you have cut little faces in your covering that just the tips of your finger he said listen were you ashamed of your body were you aware of your body when you were born and when you or when you were growing up and now as you discovered your youth as you discovered your beauty as you were turning from a girl to a woman you started getting all this worked up about this and started thinking about covering yourself he said i still live in that child’s mind and I’ve covered the parts i need to protect when i meditate he said my fingertips become really cold my chest doesn’t become cold he said my heart’s beating there it retains a certain warmth but

my fingers become cold so I’ve covered my fingers and miller ripper’s whole quest started because of the revenge the feeling he wants to take revenge at the instruction of his mother against his uncles and so on that was his way people who discover the truth eventually or make a huge impact in the world in any way are those who who are courageous enough to take a bold step because there is no safety net on the path of awakening there is no way to be safe to know everything beforehand it’s a path of discovery and when you are on the path of discovery you will constantly discover and find new things on a daily basis in summary, yes if done correctly it is it is a very swift path  you



यह साधना भी पढ़े नीचे  दिए  गए लिंक से

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भुवनेश्वरी साधना महाविद्या साधना रहस्य (Bhuvaneshvari Mahavidya MANTRA TANTRA SADHBNA)

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काला कलुआ प्रत्यक्षीकरण साधना ( काले इल्म की शक्तियां पाने की साधना) Ph. – 85280 57364

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अप्सरा साधना और तंत्र apsara sadhna aur tantra

रत्नमाला अप्सरा साधना – एक दिवसीय अप्सरा साधना ek divaseey apsara saadhana ph.85280 57364

(अप्सरा साधना के लाभ ) अप्सरा साधना का हमारे जीवन मे महत्व (Benefits of Apsara ) Our life of Apsara is

अप्सरा साधना में आहार कैसा होना चाहिए   apsara mantra sadhna

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 yakshini sadhana

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तुलसी यक्षिणी साधना tulsi yakshini sadhana

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 त्रिकाल ज्ञान साधना

Sapneshwari sadhna – स्वप्नेश्वरी त्रिकाल दर्शन साधना Ph.85280 57364

Panchanguli sadhana – चमत्कारी प्राचीन त्रिकाल ज्ञान पंचांगुली साधना रहस्य ph.85280 57364

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पुलदनी देवी त्रिकाल ज्ञान साधना भूत भविष्य वर्तमान जानने की साधना bhoot bhavishya vartman janne ki

सात्विक सौम्य करन पिशाचिनी साधना भूत भविष्य वर्तमान की जानकारी के लिए karna pishachini sadhana

hanumat Margdarshan sadhna हनुमत मार्गदर्शन साधना

maa durga Trikal gyan sadhna माँ दुर्गा त्रिकाल ज्ञान सध्ना

काला इल्म इल्म और काला जादू

Kachha Kalua – कच्चा कलुआ साधना – सम्पूर्ण रहस्य के साथ ph.8528057364

काला जादू black magic क्या है? और इस के क्या रहस्य है PH.8528057364

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काला कलुआ प्रत्यक्षीकरण साधना ( काले इल्म की शक्तियां पाने की साधना) Ph. – 85280 57364

यंत्र मंत्र तंत्र ज्ञान

गायत्री मंत्र के लाभ The Benefits Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra

Kachha Kalua – कच्चा कलुआ साधना – सम्पूर्ण रहस्य के साथ ph.8528057364

kritya sadhana -प्राचीन तीक्ष्ण कृत्या साधना ph. 85280 57364

Khetarpal Sadhna खेत्रपाल साधना और खेत्रपाल रहस्य कौन है

यह तंत्र साधना कभी न करे एक शादीशुदा साधक tantra sadhana

मायावी विद्या और कृष्ण के पौत्र के माया से अपहरण mayavi vidya ph.85280

इस्‍माइल जोगी का परिचय Introduction to Ismail Jogi

maran aadi mantra Prayogo me savdhaniya मारणादि मंत्र प्रयोगों में सावधानियां

vashikaran uchatan akarshan mantra paryogo savdhani वशीकरण, उच्चाटन,आकर्षणादि मन्त्र

Trikal gyan varahi sadhna त्रिकाल ज्ञान वाराही

Taratak Meditation kundalini jagarn karni ke pahile seedhee त्राटक ध्यानकुण्डलिनी जागरण करने 

mantra Tantra khatkarm मंत्र तंत्र षट्कर्म Ph 85280 57364

Tantra wikipedia

MUSLIM sadhna

प्राचीन चमत्कारी मुवक्किल muwakkil साधना रहस्यph.85280 57364

Muslim sadhna मनवांछित इस्लामिक शक्ति को सिद्ध करने की साधना ph.85280 57364

sulemani panch peer sadhna सुलेमानी पाँच पीर साधना

Khabees – खबीस शैतान का सम्पूर्ण जानकारी- कैसा होता है

ख्वाजा पीर जी की साधना Khawaja Peer Sadhana

Sifli ilm सिफली इलम रहस्य हिंदी में विस्तार सहित ph.85280 57364

Tilasmi paryog ख़्वाजा तिलस्मी प्रयोग से त्रिकाल ज्ञान ph. 8528057364

Tantra English

Kamakhya Sindoor: History, Benefits, and Uses

Kamakhya Devi – A Journey Through the Mystical Temple of the Mother Goddess

What is Tantra?

Significance of wealth in life Maha lakshmi Sadhana ph.8528057364

mantra tantra education and guru knowledge

Is Tantra a Rapid Path to Self-Realization

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How is Aghori Tantra Mantra Sadhana?

Tantra Mantra education is not pornography and sexy science

Definition of Tantra and Mantra Tantra Secrets

Tantra Mantra education is not pornography and sexy science