Difference between Beej mantra –

Tantric mantra how to use

Difference between Beej mantras - Tantric mantras how to use
Difference between Beej mantras – Tantric mantras how to use


Difference between Beej mantra – Tantric mantras how to use hello  another to all my friends from your friend astrology and guided fun once more with you from your very own website has questions one of the earlier post which had made worse can use tantric remedies for tantric mantras to change you’re fortunate to change your luck pose that I have had a lot of people reaching out to me and writing to me and asking me whether they should be doing the beach mantras or they should be doing the tantric mantras and if at all what is better to be done and how they should be doing it and other many precautions firstly in that video I had explained the difference between the beach mantras and the tantric mantras and what tantric mantras mean so I would like you to watch that video as well in the description of this video I will also give you a link to that video so that it is easier for you to pursue that video now on the topic I will give you a very short description or difference between the two because I have already done that to a more larger extent in a more detailed fashion have explained the difference between the tantric remedies and the braze mantras so yeah

I’ll give you a short description of them so that you can watch so to lay the ground for what is the difference between the two and you can watch the longer version anyway by clicking on the link I’ve given in the description box now I set indeed that video as well that beach mantras are more sacred formulations which are specific to a particular deity which is associated within true astrology it is some of the dismal terrorists are associated with the planets Beach mantras are not the only nationality they are for previous deities in astrology they have been associated with the nine planets the five planets the two luminaries Sun and Moon and these shadow planets

which is Rahu and Ketu so there are various beej mantra for these

nine planetary energies and you can use these mantras these sacred formulations to reach out to these planetary deities to please them and to seek their blessings and to make your way easier when related to certain manifestations of these planets so just to give you an example if you are talking about the beach mantra for guru or Jupiter or Brihaspati then you would use the beach mantra of guru and chanted on say for example a Thursday and use that you know you chant that in a certain manner 108 times and use that to manifest onto please Jupiter a guru of Brihaspati and that

Beej mantra is Ombres embrace pita maha however while this is the Beach mantra for Jupiter or guru and it may manifest energies of Jupiter what is important is that the Miche mantras are effective only to a certain extent and if you want to strongly manifest the energies of a guru of reality or Jupiter then your actions or behavior should also be in line with what grow up gracefully once that means you will have to be somebody whose large-hearted more giving and just like Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and it has the highest capacity to give the highest capacity to benefit and hence being a one who’s a large giver Jupiter is also pleased by those who are large givers in their life in terms of supporting caring and also not pulling punches

when it comes to helping others when it comes to supporting others and when it comes to using some of the prosperity and abundance that were given to you and share it with those who are less fortunate than you it is not a question of whether you’re rich or poor you will you may always find people who are less fortunate than you if you’re watching this video and if you understand my language then I consider you to be fortunate at a certain level definitely there may be people who are not as lucky as you

if I can call you lucky and we all are lucky in some way or the other and hence we need to be grateful and we need to show the gratitude if by demeanor if by this approach and using the B’s mentors of Jupiter and the behaviors and actions we can get the support and the blessings of the respective planet for instance here we are talking about Bree has particular however there are some tantric mantras as well of various realms at various orders at the lowest order the tantric breech mentor for Jupiter is ohm gram green room story spoken AMA or home gram green rooms guru wherever and it has to be pronounced in the right manner

if it is not pronounced in the right manner then you may not be able to extract the energies which you are expecting from the particular deity now while the beej mantra is a pleasing form and asking for blessings of the planet the transferring mantras are most sounds and through sound vibrations, you are trying to reach the energy the high energy or the deity and the tantric remedy using the sounds by using the frequency of the sound and reaching is like you use a certain frequency to operate your telephone or to a certain frequency to you know to reach out to somebody or to you know talk to somebody flames use frequencies to communicate with so there are always frequencies that you have to be on to reach out to somebody else so people who are on the on a boat they will happen they will log into a certain frequency to talk to others and all frequencies are not allowed by everyone law enforcement agencies, for example, use certain level of frequencies similarly

there are specific frequencies to reach out to specific deities and these sounds when they are taught they create certain and waves they create certain frequencies to directly manifest energy or reach out to that deity however these are still at the RO lower reel and these are still more docile while still more powerful as long as you remain and the tantric remedies at the lower level of level one if I can use the term then it is harmless and it can either manifest energies or it may not manifest the energies however it may not harm you however if you resort to tantric practices where you are using some poojas and you’re using certain formulations and you’re using certain higher energies which you may not be able to do and some people even try to do the common people however these are energies which already manifested by subtle Baba’s and then they use that generally for not you know positive reasons so it is

better to refrain from them and not get into that world because once you get there it is a chance that you may soil your soul itself and you may carry the karmic debt of what you are trying to do and what you are using these energies to manifest usually these are to force certain results for you rather than wait out and be patient and allow the supreme energy to take the decision for you so when you force certain energies and then you extract favors then eventually they may lead in some other form and they may also make you pay up in

some other way which you may not even realize so it is better to stay away from a higher order of tantric remedies or mantras which can be used only best by people who have a certain level of spiritual elevation already if you have not reached the spiritual level elevation and yet you try those tantric remedies then it may backfire and they may also bring harm and they may especially hit you where you don’t want to hit where your one most vulnerable parts are which includes your family your financial your health and your own health so be sure of how you are using the business how you’re using the countrymen to mantras and there so the lower order of contouring mantra just like I gave you for Jupiter they’re the similar tantric mantras for other planets also exists and they are more dose and

can be used you can freely chant them you can freely use them if done on a specific day and the specific time that is mentioned then we are able to attract better energies for you and we can also be more effective for you a guru mantra which is chanted on a Thursday is more powerful than chanted on any other day he doesn’t mean you can’t change the month on other days however they may not attract as marsala and as many energies as much as it may attract on a Thursday or guru are as you say there are various ways to please the deity beyond just Beach metals and beyond your behavior and also actions

which is by  donations to people or those and those relations which are associated with those planets for example with Jupiter it is about the teachers your gurus so keeping your gurus happy serve to serve them seeking their blesses blessings helping your gurus out donating to educational institutions spiritual institution is one of the best ways to please Jupiter besides one of the ways which I find is much stronger than the tantric remedy is to donate to an education Institute where the poor children are educated for sponsoring the education of one child maybe for a long period of time till he achieves a certain level of education

say sponsoring a child’s education from its first standard to the ten standards for example and there are various NGOs and schools who also help you agrees you can easily follow to find out such NGOs and foundations who you where you can sponsor child’s education to please Jupiter through those donations so donations are one of the most powerful ways to manifest energies besides your behavior and actions in life and to lead your life at a certain level of spiritual hygiene and by spiritual hygiene that it means that not to cheat not to manipulate and to be truthful and to lead a life of more austerity and always practicing honesty and never moving away from the path of righteousness working on your relationships is these are the most important things and in

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general respecting everyone respecting humanity and reaching out and supporting others the only two reasons why we are here in this world is to serve Him and serve Him the first serving him is through serving humanity helping others and be of more meaningful and more helpful to others whereas the other serving him is about praising him and praying to him and reaching out to him through your attachment spiritually to the deity as long as you are doing these then you can receive a certain level of benevolence from the deity and you may always not need to do a higher level of tantric remedies so in short please do the beach Ventura you also can do the level one of the tantric mantras, for example, the one

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I gave you for Jupiter there are various totems also which you can do and these are all harmless they were only attracted positive energy u-unless your pronunciation is very very wrong only then you main write deities in a non pleasure but yet the deities by the very nature don’t mean any harm to you and so just by mispronouncing a word a lot of how may not come to you so don’t worry about it so do the beach mantras do the level one of country commenter’s madras do these totems have right actions and behavior and pray to the deities reach out to the supreme energy now the best way to reach out to the supreme energy to reach out to him directly and through your behavior and your actions as long as you do that then things are better taking care of and you you can say you’re on the right path to manifest these energies so friends this is my analysis about how to and when to use beach mantras and the difference between the beach mantras and usage of

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fancying mantras this is what – I you are in what situation in life you are what Tana tree energies are weak and you need to strengthen in your horoscope use these mantras tantric mantras of level one and the beach mantras pray to the supreme deity and manifest your actions and behaviors and do donations move freely and you will find that sooner than later your life will be on the right path with the right strength that you are able to give to that planets we did so friends please like this video please share this video and if you’re looking for a personal consultation for me please reach out to me and the links given below until we meet some other time this is your friend soldier and guided fan signing off ciao Difference between Beej mantras – Tantric mantras how to use

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