what is Mantra Tantra Shastra?
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what is Mantra Tantra Shastra?

what is Tantra Shastra?
what is Tantra Shastra?

what is Mantra Tantra Shastra? guru ji could you tell me about Tantra and Khajuraho temples I am visiting these temples with different groups each guide speaks different things and I did not find truth in it Tantra means technique simply the real meaning of Tantra is a technique Yantra mantra technique but intra mantra Tantra these are three things mantra is sound Yantra is the diagram that you find the diagrams that sir made Star of David is once a Chandra with the Judaism uses as its main symbol and Tantra is the technique of to combine a physical diagram or a posture with the sound this is

Tantra skill to do it now Tantra as I said is a technique the ancient Rishi’s also wrote on the six-horse Kama Sutra was written and different postures and different you know theories and principles about Tantra it is used to get rid of obsession then people have obsession why it is on the outer wall of the temple there is a reason pilgrims are first asked to move around the temple first go around looking at all the statues and if any statue anyway try to pull you to the excitement you see there what you know the moment you keep watching watching watching the excitement comes down so when the mind loses excitement for all these different postures then you go in you are completely Hollow and empty the mind is blank then you are able to see the inner Sun that’s a Sun Temple Sun is outside you may ask why they should go inside the temple and see Sun now they say that is not the Sun outers and there is an inner Sun the self to see that

what is an obstruction excitement about the senses sense organs the flow of sense organs towards sense objects that keeps your outward journey that need to move inward so in the temple you go around several times sit in front of those tattoos it’s like a pro no chronograph movies you know like that but with more sense in it prana graph is used to excite people this is used to calm down people and so this is used as a therapy for was obsession of sex is not a new thing it’s an old disease can’t even call it a disease is an old inheritance in people and you need skilfully you need to go past that to see the light of the being and so they use these things they sit with anything that that my trigger obsess you are excite you and the more you watch it the excitement is gone mind comes down you know so people who are in the industry of plena ography and who use all that I was told that they don’t know they have no interest in it they don’t get excited I don’t know they all only heard about it but it make sense to me because if you are seeing something every day and I don’t know what it is just a business that’s all for them it’s not something they they get taste for it or enjoy it you know almost like a cook never enjoys the food because he cooks so many type of every day it is not something the food does not really enchant a cook is he what I’m saying it doesn’t create a big ball for a cook because every day is cooking all different type of food in the same way the tantras were used but


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Introduction To Tantra Shastra by Sir John Woodroffe

Introduction to Tantra Sastra:

Tantra had to be practiced under very strict guidance otherwise you know it is like walking on a nice war it is set and rise like walking on his ward people fall from there they fall completely down and it’s dangerous usually people say it’s a dangerous thing to do so I mean Tantra also there is a white Tantra there is black Tantra and all sorts of things you know Yoga is the best safe and secure way to more mantra and Ron Yoga and this is this contra in the yoga is the technique of how to settle the mind

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