Significance of wealth in life Maha Lakshmi Sadhana 


Significance of wealth in life Maha lakshmi SadhanaI had reached an age where soon I had to burden the responsibilities of life. It is a sacred tradition in our family to seek the guidance and blessings of our re- vered Sadgurudev before starting anything. I too thought of doing so before launching my career. But a call to Jodhpur and I came to know that Sadgurudev was en- gaged in some Sadhana of his own and would not meet anybody for at least a few months. Hence I had to begin my business without his bless- ings, I started off with great enthusiasm and courage.

I had just about settled in business when problems started coming up. First I dealt them with courage but soon the onslaughts became so frequent that I started feeling helpless before them. Within a few months my busi- ness collapsed and I was filled with great disappoint- ment so much so that I felt like giving up everything and running away. One day without informing anybody I left for Jodh- pur and reached Sadgurudev’s Ashram. But there I was told that he would emerge from Sadhana only after two months. I decided to stay there and share the work in the Ashram.

The in-charge of the Ashram knew me well and he allowed me to do so. I even started wearing ochre robes meant for ascetics. After two months Sadgurudev came out of his Sadhana room finally. He looked a bit lean. When his eyes fell on me a look of disappointment came on his features. But he did not say anything. The next day he called me and asked me why I was there. I was unable to relate my misadventures to him so he asked me to write them on a paper and give it to him.

This I did and having read it he said,” I did not expect such cowardly behaviour from you. You are deceiving yourself. Do you think by wearing ochre robes you shall be free from your family responsibilities? True, ascetic life is won- derful but it is not for escapists. You have to go back.” He fell silent and then continued, “I know you are rfacing problems but there are solutions for them in Tantra.

You shall have to accomplish Lakshmi Sadhana. Maybe you do not know but even the great Guru Shankaracharya had to accomplish Lakshmi Sadhana. Otherwise how would he have been able to establish four divine spiritual seats all over India? A real man never bows down before adversities. He attains victory over them through Sadhanas if need be.” Later he made me accomplish a very special Mahalakshmi Sadhana.

I returned home and restarted my business and within a year I had achieved amazing success. If today I am so wealthy, prosperous and happy it is due to that powerful ritual. With Sadgurudev’s per- mission I am revealing it here for benefit of others. Start this ritual on a Wednesday. At night after 10 pm have a bath and wear clean red clothes. Make a mark with vermilion on the forehead. Sit on a red mat facing South. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. In a plate draw a Swastik with saffron.

On it place some rose petals. On them place a Mahalakshmi Yantra. Light a ghee lamp. Offer ver- milion, rice grains, rose petals on the Yantra. Offer prayers to Lord Ganpati chanting Om Gam Ganpataye Namah five times. Thereafter chant one round of Guru Mantra and pray to Guru for success. Then with a Kamalgatta rosary chant 51 rounds of the following

divine Mantra – Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Om Phat

Do this for two days. After that drop the rosary in a river or pond and place the Yantra in your worship place or your shop or business centre. Briefly worship it daily by lighting incense and chanting the above Mantra just 11 times.